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Tips & Hints

Cold Weather

Removing outside hoses from the spigot during cold winter months can help prevent pipes and spigots from splitting or bursting.

During extreme cold weather, leave inside faucets on a slow drip and opening cabinet or vanity doors will both help to prevent pipes from bursting.

Call a professional plumber to have your home winterized if you are planning to be away for several months. The cost is typically based on the number of bathrooms in the home along with other areas such as pool houses that use a lot of water. This could save you considerable amounts of money and damage from potential plumbing disasters.

In the Kitchen

Running cold water 15 seconds before and after using the food disposer will help flush waste to the main line.

Cooking oils and fats poured down the drain will solidify and create clogs. Be sure to avoid this and wipe congealed grease from pots before cleaning.

Avoid problems with your garbage disposer by not placing stringy fibrous waste in them (carrots, celery, banana peels, and poultry skins). Your disposer cannot sufficiently grind these products and will clog the sink drain.

Run the dishwasher at off times or at night to conserve hot water and maintain water pressure during your homes peak times of usage